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Bullying Prevention Programs

Powerful, interactive bullying prevention school assemblies for K-12, that teach immediately usable skills to help students immunize themselves from bullying... from the inside out.
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Some reviews…

School Counselor, Houston Texas

I have learned techniques that will help me develop skills as a school counselor. The ways to “disarm” a bully are now something I can purposely use. I am glad I attended this seminar and will recommend it to other counselors!

M. Patnaik, Parent

This will directly and tremendously help individuals of all ages and levels.

Stony Point School

"The Children went away filled with joy!"

Patty Langer, Woodstock ES

"I would never have imagined his performance could truly be as breathtaking had I not been experiencing it myself!"

Peggy Sheehan, Bethlehem ES

"This was so much better than what I thought I had booked!"

Linda Winzer, Lyme Consolidated School

"Outstanding! The staff surveys have been extremely positive."

Dodie McCartney, The Buckley School, NYC

"Thank you so much! Your storytelling is superb and the use of percussion only enhanced the story. The student involvement brought your performance to till another level. We have never had such a fabulous assembly!"

Dr. Jerome J. Zack, Banford ES, Canton NY

"Terrific audience participation! Educationally and artistically valuable. I would recommend this program to any school!"