High School Bullying Assemblies

How to Prevent Bullying in a Peaceful… Yet Powerful Way

“The Bully Proof Teen” is a High School Assembly Program that does more than just preach at young adults about bullying.


Because bullying programs telling kids that they shouldn’t bully does nothing to address the “Bullying Cycle.”

The point is to help students learn how to manage their own reactions and emotions — empowering them to diffuse the Bullying Cycle BEFORE it gets started in the first place.

The program delivers immediately useful and powerful “take away” tools to assist students to defuse potentially dangerous confrontations with bullies while keeping their self esteem and self respect intact.

From presentation to Decatur High School, Decatur Arkansas

In order for the “Bully” to exist in the first place, he or she must have a victim. Certain thoughts and actions people engage in actually attract bullies and teasing.

Strangely enough many former bullies become friends once you allow them to stop pushing you around. To focus on your personal power is not to advocate fighting as a solution to bullying.

Quite the opposite. Kids need to learn how to stand up for themselves in ways that no longer invite aggression. The process first starts with you. By changing how we perceive of bullies we can change our habitual, internal reactions leading to more effective behaviors.

If we understand what creates a bully then we can learn how to defuse him or her. If we understand how our own behavior attracts bullies we can change that.

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Mark Shepard, NLPT

As a chronic victim of bullying throughout elementary and middle school, Singer/songwriter, guitarist, percussionist, storyteller, storyteller, author, personal coach, NLP Trainer, Mark Shepard shares his story in a humorous and compelling way while sharing tips for dealing with bullies and other difficult people.

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